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Quadzilla XZT Performance Chip - 2001 Cummins
Quadzilla XZT Performance Chip - 2001 Cummins
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Product Description

The NEW XZT+ for the 98-02 Dodge Cummins is in a class of its own. New in 2007, we have revived an old product with new technology to offer more features, more power, and better fuel economy for the VP44 equipped trucks.

This one of kind power module will provide an additional 65 HP and 200 Ft. Lbs. of torque to your truck. Installation is simple and takes less than 10 minutes to install with only 2 simple connections made on your engine. You do not “tap” the pump wire and it is 100% invisible to the dealer once removed. Adjustments on the fly are made simple with a 3 position toggle switch. There is an “off” setting, fuel mileage setting, and a horsepower setting available at your fingertips.

To start with, we completely re-designed the XZT+ from the ground up. The core of this awesome module is an extremely powerful 32 bit processor. Quadzilla is the only manufacturer using 32 bit processing for power modules. What this means to you is that we can look at more parameters and provide better fueling and timing control than anyone else. Our fueling and timing maps are more complex than anyone else and it provides the smoothest, most instantaneous power you have ever felt!

Adding to that, the XZT + is also USB updatable with multiple tuning files available for download off of our website. We know that not every person is looking for the same thing in a power module so we decided to offer plenty of options to suit everyone’s needs. Whether it is smoke you are looking for, fuel economy, instant power, or no smoke there will be a tuning file available for you. It takes less than a minute to update your module with the included USB cable. You can change files back and forth as many times as you would like. This is also an industry first for power modules.

Not only does this module have all of these features, but we also guarantee that your truck will be more fun to drive than ever before. This module will compliment a host of other products on the market and improve them greatly, including our XZT and Xzillaraider modules. The XZT+ has the best throttle response of any module in its class, yet it is very docile and has none of the ugly characteristics that many of the other products on the market have.

To make the XZT+ even more appealing, Quadzilla has priced this module to be the best value possible for your truck. Many of the other products on the market are hundreds of dollars more and do not even provide half of the features that the XZT+ does.
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